Thursday, April 14, 2005


I know that it's been a long time since I sent an e-update. Sorry!I'm currently back in the States, where I'm visiting supporters andchurches while I apply for my work visa. I expect to be here for nomore than two months…but I hope to see as many of you as possiblewhile I'm around! I will be in the Upland/Marion/Muncie area thisSaturday-Tuesday and would love to see old friends. You can leave amessage for me at the Souphouse: 765-998-0599.Please pray for this visa process. It's been crazy, with theconsulate asking for more documents that will have to come fromBrazil, and will therefore extend the amount of time I need to spendhere…My travel schedule is keeping me busy, which helps get my mind offthe fact that I'm not in Brasil but in Indiana, wrapping myself inbundles of sweaters to keep warm and enjoying all the pizza andpeanut butter that I can't have on a regular basis in Rio. I amnot, however, combining the two!Let's see...I'm sure you all want updates from Brasil, fun stories,the scoop. Right now, I'm a bit brain dead, and don't want to useup all of my friend's internet time, so I'll try to get somethingout to you when I'm in Upland on Monday. But really, my life hasbeen kind of normal for the past couple of weeks. Mostly.Hope to see as many of you as possible! Love,Jenna

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