Friday, December 30, 2005

Last night in Lapa, one of the guys was getting ready to take a shower, at the parking garage, I think. Somewhere along the line, he’d picked up a lovely bathrobe, which he was was proudly wearing as overclothes!

One of the older men who frequents the local bar and the aqueducts was hit over the head with a bottle; she opened a good six to eight stitch cut in his head that was bleeding in a fantastic pattern down his back and torso. He walked home to clean up before going to the hospital...he looked like something out of a horror movie, a little irritated but otherwise calm. The onlookers were freaking out more than anyone else...I guess it's not every day you see a man walking down the street covered in blood and acting like it's the most natural thing in the world. ! I then spent the next twenty minutes with the drunk woman who smashed him as she explained that it was all his fault because "he said I was going to pay for his beer and it's obvious that I can't pay for his beer because I'm not even paying for mine I have kids to support and if I have money it goes to them I'm not paying it's the lesbian woman over there paying for me and he threatened to cut me and I have to protect myself Tia you understand right Tia if someone tries to kill me I'm going to kill them first and it's true Tia he didn't cut me I cut him but he lied he lied he lied to me I'm sorry I disappointed you you know I'd never hurt you never but he lied to me..."

Ah, Lapa.

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