Saturday, January 28, 2006

Flood, part II

Running across a highway in pouring rain to wait for our bus under a tree...laughing as I run into another umbrella-blinded, utterly soaked commuter at the bus station...a surreal half hour at a bar, watching the sky turn pink with lightning and the soccer fields become lakes, declining offers of beer and marijuana from the friendly punks also taking shelter there...walking in water up to my knees and rising...putting televisions and mattresses up high and watching helplessly as water rushes in under the doorframes of my friends' homes...taking showers and eating dinner at a complete stranger's house, simply because she's a neighbor of a friend and she lives on the second floor...getting home at almost midnight, trying to convince your friend that yes, midnight is an acceptable time to sleep, not just 4 am...all in half a day's work.


it's been a week of rain for us, which has been nice at least to break the (supposedly) record temps we'd had earlier. i actually had to put a towel in my window tonight because the wind was blowing the rain in through the windowframe. it was a fantastic storm with none of the nasty side effects: no serious flooding, no power outages, no phone outages.

tomorrow my bed and my new table and chairs and bookcase thing arrive! i tore out the front room today and rearranged everything in preparation. i am so ready to start decorating this place the way i've been dreaming about since peru!!! anyone have any ideas on how to turn a roll of cork into a bulletin board? can i just nail it into the wall, or should i put grommets or something in? buying it as a roll was so much cheaper and easier to transport on the bus, but now i'm at a loss as to what to do with it!

oh, and i'm also going to check out a post-grad course tomorrow at a university near my home, in the hopes it will land me a student visa...any prayers are appreciated!

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