Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I like, you like, he likes

I'm a teacher. It remains to see whether I'm any good at it...but this first English lesson was a breeze! Perhaps it's because I like my student, and he's easy on the eyes, and is quite eager to make me happy...or maybe it's because Junior has been hiding his true English ability from me for all these months! He raced through my two-hour lesson plan...the next one will be harder!

I'm a music/dance/chaotic crowd control professor as well. Yesterday I taught a class consisting of two boys, three girls, an adult male who thought it necessary to join in, and one onlooker a dance I learned in YWAM, to that fun song by MaryMary, "Shackles." If I don't have to deal with 10 kids, this might be do-able...I just have to come up with creative music games...Sound of Music, anyone?

And now, I'm tired. Goodnight all!

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