Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am convinced...

that no one actually reads my blog. If they did, I would receive some sort of commentary, some snide or anxious remarks about the photos of the occupation, the scandal at the consulate, etc...but there is nothing. Speaking of the occupation, the guns were returned, dropped off in an abandoned house a ways from here...even though all the serial numbers were scratched off, the army swears they're the same guns. Personally, I'd guess that every favela donated a gun...or at least, it would make a nice story. And as you know, I love stories.

Today's is the following, courtesy of Fernando at Timonis:

A kid is flying a kite in January, 104 F heat, in his suit and tie. This is profoundly odd.
Fernando: "Why are you flying a kite in that outfit?"
Kid: My pastor says Christians need to be modest and appropriately dressed. Good men wear suits." Period. End of discussion.
Fernando: "But aren't you hot???"
Kid, proudly: "Jesus keeps me cool...Jesus me refrigera!"

Jesus does a lot of things, but I'm not sure that's one of them...but who knows?


mom said...

You know I read your blogs. So, do you want me to fax your comments to CNN and have them come visit you? That way lots of people would begin reading your blog!! I got a new phone card today, so we will call. If anyone else out there wants to call this lonely girl in Rio, pick up a Latin American phone card at Sears. It costs $10 and you can talk for 8 hours!!

SarahJo79 said...

Hey Jenna! I found your blog through Elaine's. I've been wondering how you've been and have been praying for you!