Friday, March 24, 2006

I have a lot of admirers. Having blue eyes and being "exotic," this is to be expected.

Thankfully, most of them don't talk to me. And my girlfriends weed them out by reminding people that I don't date:

crack addicts
anyone connected to the drug trade
the by-choice-unemployed
talentless losers
anyone still in high school
anyone under age 20
guys that already have kids, girlfriends, or wives
loony Christians

That usually takes care of the majority of my wanna-be boyfriends. But there are a few that either slipped through the cracks or had the guts to come straight to me instead of through my girlfriends...

It's a good thing cellphones show who's calling. I'm going to start blocking numbers if a few of these guys don't get the hint. :)

There are some funny stories to come about this week, but I'm a bit exhausted from my late night...and I made the mistake of booking two "dates" today, both of which happened to be churrascos. If I plan on eating again tonight, I need to do some serious exercise to work up an appetite!

Stay tuned...there will be more to come.


Bobby Rogers said...

I also admire you so you can also add "Mac Addict" to the list. :)

The TN sis said...

jenna, you know full well that it isn't just because you have blue eyes and are "exotic," or what you really mean "white". The truth is you are just hot! You are a pashley...that is why it is to be expected! I miss you!

keith said...

So.... how did the "dates" go? Still waiting to hear your stories.