Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm already feeling really productive...

getting up on my day off at 7:45 am, lugging my laundry over to Jacarezinho to take advantage of the Nichols' empty house and big washing machine, reading a Martha Stewart magazine, checking my email, and planning some serious food shopping. And taco rolling. Friday's a national holiday and we're celebrating with Mexican food. Not the most patriotic way to commemorate whatever we're commemorating, for me or the Brasilians, but any excuse to eat tacos is okay with me!

I found a lizard in my dried foods container yesterday and I did kind of a mean thing: I gave it to Puxa to play with. While it was still alive.

And I sifted all the nasty little weevils out of my flour and stored it for once and for all in the freezer. That will show them!!!

Someone in Manguinhos died of dengue fever, the hemorraging kind, yesterday. That's kind of scary, so in addition to cleaning my house today, I'm going to be searching out every possible standing water source in my home and eliminating those "mosquito breeding grounds."

I feel like a little suburban housewife. And I can't decide if I like it or not!

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