Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sharpies Stress Reliever Formula

I sent my package off to a visa service in Chicago: my passport, my hard-earned documentation, and an envelope full of USPS money orders. I hope God put angels around the overnight package...and starts preparing that Brazilian consulate official to be in a good mood when he or she gets ready to decide about my visa.

You can pray, you know! I'd love it!

Having just gotten back from Upland and twenty hours on the go (I'm a social butterfly!), I'm going to rest a little and play with my twenty-four pack of brand-new, multicolored, fine tip Sharpies. I'm so excited. Thank you cards in rainbow happy colors. Fancy manicures. Signing my name in purple and sea-foam green. Why is it that just the sight of a Sharpie makes me smile? Did you know that they now come in 29 different colors? I don't know what the other five are. I find it highly unfair that you can't just buy a complete set...

Spring smells wonderful in Indiana. The rain went away in the blink of an eye and now we're looking at still-cold weather but at least the sun is peeking through the clouds every four minutes or so. I love the smell of green and mud. And worms. It reminds me of my childhood...

I sign off in violet, banana leaf green, and a splash of sunset orange. Happy Spring!

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