Sunday, June 04, 2006

Someone on the street yesterday asked me if I worked

for the United Nations. This is absurdly humorous. I can't imagine the UN types living here. Copacabana perhaps, but the Zona Norte? Not a chance. What is funnier, though, is that he asked because (apparently) someone has been passing out incorrect information about me. Huh. What I wouldn't give to hear the gossip about myself on the street right now...

Some lady at church asked me if I had gotten back together with Junior at church today and I'm afraid that I gave her a decidedly nasty look along with my rather sharp, "No, of course not." Can we say, 1) nosy, 2) rude, 3) none of your business? But perhaps it was because she saw a male presence in my house the other day. News to the street: it wasn't the ex, people. I know other Y-chromosomes in this town!!!

For those of you who may be out of touch with the rest of the world, the World Cup is next week. Soccer. Futebol. And if you were to walk down a Brazilian street, you wouldn't have any doubt as to who they're cheering for. There are new murals on the walls and the streets, the light posts are wrapped with colorful plastics in the national colors, streamers create a canopy stretching the length of whole streets, and little kids of all ages and sizes (depending on levels of drunkenness after a certain age) are running around blowing on these aggravating little air horn things. It seems almost impossible to go anywhere and not see green and yellow. Or the Brazilian flag. Or the caricatured faces of the BIG STARS with their gap teeth and long curls.

Viva Brasil!

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