Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Writing for the Masses 101

That last post was irritatingly like something out of a college assignment. Part of what makes this blog such good therapy for me is that I can get out in English what is going on, what I’m feeling, the highlights and lowlights and bits and pieces of this craziness that is a single American girl living in Rio de Janeiro.

Taking myself out of the equation turns this into, well, something for publication. And as any writer or wannabe knows, forcing yourself to write for an audience, "scratching itching ears" and generally twisting your voice to fit a certain mold, NEVER goes well. This blog isn't the place where I'm necessarily going to do a lot of theologizing. It's not the place to find my prayer letters. This is where I worship God in the day to day, in the funny, ironic, vain, boring, sad, scary details of something that at some times feels more like a low-budget indie flick (with a bad 80's soundtrack) than my real life. But it is. And a real life includes such mundane things as dates, shopping disasters, favorite television shows, and grandiose daydream fantasies. Maybe this is my outlet...until recently, I was the MISSIONARY. You know...that completely unknowable person that everyone knows. I'm finally starting to become human to more than just my close friends here...they're understanding more of who I am and why I'm here and what I left behind and all of my sticky defects and character flaws...and I'm scared (judging from some of the comments and emails I got in the last month) that I'm turning into a stereotyped idea for people in the States. Please don't do that to me! Human. Human. Human. And likes to write about her life. Thanks. That's all. [smiles. bows. blows kisses]

The medical campaign started today, with a slow but steady crowd of church members and their friends, family, and at least one generous drug dealer who offered his translator “anything you want; cocaine, marijuana, a nice watch...” in exchange for the free examination. Lovely. My job was a blessing sent directly from the hand of God. I had been discussing with Erica and others the thought that this week would either make or break my dream of being a translator. Either I would be:
1. terrible
2. good but hate it
3. good but love it
4. mediocre
I’m number three...and today was the one of the best days I've had in ages...I could have gone on for ever and ever! Saw so many people from Manguinhos that I knew or whose kids I know from Timonis...people that I will for sure run into again...God willing. And that is all for tonight because it is late and six o'clock will come early tomorrow. I can't believe I get to do this ALL WEEK!!! Hooray! Até amanhã!


keith said...

I love it when you talk about "you". This is how I keep up with how you are doing and what you are feeling. It also helps us know what to pray about. Keep it up!

--jenna said...

thanks keith!! i also love your little comments every now and then...and think of you and your family often. texas is on my list of states to visit the next time i'm back in the states:)