Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July

Celebrations in Brazil by the lone WMF staff member included:

-cleaning a home in Jacarezinho of one very wet and four dried clumps of dog droppings and a copious amount of bright orange, toxic-waste smelling urine. Thanks, whoever left the portão open. And I hate the neighbors' dogs.

-my ATM card not working, the cd to print the documents I needed to deliver today not working...

-an unexpected almost-two-hour meeting where the aforementioned documents would have been nice

-eating Italian food with Tiago and then watching "Cars" dubbed over in Portuguese. I love digital animation!

-receiving a canister of peanut butter from the previously mentioned translator dude. This man knows the way to a woman's heart...

And I think I will celebrate some more with a nice early bedtime!

One more day of working and then I'm off for a couple of days of vacation! Sweet bliss!

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