Monday, August 28, 2006


"Appearance isn’t as glossy as Domori’s other bars and approaches a duller sheen with intense ribboning and an undulating surface similar to sloping hills. It’s fairly dark, with a red leather likeness, approaching a lighter shade of burgundy. Aroma is fantastic and invigorating, light and vibrant on the nose with a subtle acidity accentuating the cranberry-raspberry-blueberry fragrance. For balance, it’s also quite chocolaty and dark underneath, providing contrast and backbone to the lighter air surrounding it.

Despite the aroma, the flavor is not as lively or perky but more subtle and controlled. It’s immediately chocolaty, though, gratifyingly bold and stern in its presence, providing a full body to the chocolate for the entire length. Domori’s typical fermented tone quickly and forcefully asserts itself along with heavy bleu cheese notes looming overhead. Then, there’s a red berry and blueberry hit that persists strongly with a well-controlled acidity that Domori has masterfully kept in check. Cream peaks in and settles into nuts, and then coffee finishes off the length. Texture is super creamy and not waxy or pasty like other bars, and melts wonderfully in the mouth.

Regardless of Rio Caribe’s dominance in this blend, the acidity is remarkably low and controlled extraordinarily well here. Bravo! Flavor evolution is very subtle and doesn’t provide stark peaks and valleys for easy discernment. Instead, it meanders through the length like a long and winding river, gentle in its snake-like curves, but powerful enough to cut through the rocky earth. This is a chocolate that requires you to extract its flavor and manually pick it apart because it will not jump out at you. In a sense, this is the quiet kid in class, the genius among bullies and future dropouts. Although shy in demeanor, his underlying character and vast intelligence exert a noticeably strong presence and must be approached to fully appreciate. In other words, this is the intellectual chocolate among a forceful and ostentatious lot; reserved in outward display but deep in inner character."

I want to be a chocolate reviewer. I knew there was a reason I took that last class with Dr. Shulze...(Kerry, you know what I'm talking about!!!!). I am ready...bring on the exalted language and the chocolate bars!!!!

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