Friday, September 01, 2006

Other things that I did today

Feeling slightly like Superwoman, I declare today one of the most productive of the past weeks.
List of accomplishments:

getting x-rays
going to the beauty salon
going to the bank
paying bills
paying rent (and avoiding lunch with the landlords)
going to the doctor (2nd time in a week)
translating email for a friend while eating lunch
cleaning my home
washing last night's dishes (How we managed to have a group dinner and no one washed up is still a mystery. Next time, I'm going to nominate a washer-up-er.)
taking a nap
hanging out with Tiago, including going to the mall and buying house stuff
writing two blog entries

And it's still just 10:30 at night, so I have at least another two hours of productive time, given my energy surge (thank you caffeine!)

I have a lot of quirky stories I want to post...maybe they'll make it up here...

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