Monday, September 11, 2006


I tried hard to make today unproductive. It was supposed to be my much-needed day of rest. But I woke up at 7:30 with a bug to finish the painting. So I did. All of it...and was exhausted by lunchtime...laid down to rest and completely passed out. I think there was a bit of time-warping going on, because I felt much more rested by the time I woke up than fifteen or twenty minutes of napping should have given me...

All in all, though, I got a day of REST in. I went to church and didn't feel like running away because of all the people around me...and opened my doors after for a bit of internet-cafe-ing for a friend of mine while another girl helped me fine-tune the song lyrics I wrote to sing at the Congresso in a couple of weeks.

Now I'm trying to come down off of the creativity high so I can go to sleep. Somewhere. Since I moved all the furniture myself, I had to take all the books off the shelves. This has resulted in a large pile of things in the middle of the living room...and every other room. I just have to pick what mattress I want to sleep on and then make a trip-proof path for gettiing to the bathroom. Tomorrow I'll clean.


First I have to buy a mattress. And an iron and a blender. Plus food, and stand in line to get my CPF card AND meet Rich and Dave downtown at 4 pm. Cleaning my house therefore takes really low priority...:)

The sermon tonight was on Esau and Jacob and our inheritances (God's future best for us) that we sell for lentils (present temptations). It was an awkward sermon, the pastor saying things like: "That beautiful girl, she's a lentil, full of sexy curves...And that hunky guy with muscles even on his forehead...he can be a lentil in your life!" Lentils. I was actually making lentil soup today but settled for cream of spinach. I really need to go shopping. There was NOTHING in my house today and I was craving red meat. But I missed the Sunday market hours and everything closes early. So it was soup and bread for me...

I think I'm starting to go down rabbit-holes. Bedtime, ladies and gentlemen!!!

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