Friday, September 22, 2006

Visitors on the Homefront

The reason for the lack of blogging this week is because my home is shelter to the lovely Forcatto family who are staying with me until Sunday. We'd packed their schedule with street visits and beach time, but the weather hasn't cooperated. Lots of cloudy and drizzly weather makes for poor beach time. But I think they're still having a good time.

Walter knows almost all of the artists who play on Manguinhos radio. This makes me feel young...I am sure it makes him feel old! Cora, their four-year-old, has the sweetest personality with a sassy streak of serious independence. Adriana is 7 months pregnant though you wouldn't guess it from the activity level she's at, chasing Cora around and visiting the kids on the streets with us. But the belly gives her away!

Today is my first day in a week that I've had the house to myself and I'm using the relative quiet to catch up on office stuff...this update is in honor of my mother, who is riding across West Virginia on a motorcyle with my father...she asked for proof that I was still alive, so here it is!!! Have a good trip mom! Outrun the rain!

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ma'am said...

Jenna - The rain caught up to us, so we are hiding out in western Ohio for the night. Brooke says to take as long as we like, which only makes me wonder what she has been up to. Glad you are alive and well, too! Love, Mom