Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My little sister is in Africa alone.

She is wandering through displaced persons camps, which is a kind way of talking about non-homes for the starving and the refugees, the war-broken and traumatized.

Remember her in your prayers.

A very good friend of mine will know with some certainty if she has malignant breast cancer on Thursday. She's 26 and scared and could also use your prayers...


Grammyxa said...

Hi Jenna, it's Grammy. I just figured out I can write back to you. I'm confused, I thought Ellen was with a team. Is she really the only one that went to Uganda? You sound like a girl in love, I'd like to meet this Tiago. We are fine, all my tests have come back and I am fine. I had the chemo port removed last week. So, Im anxious to go to the Ski lodge and try the Alpine Challange. It is an adventure in the treetops. You have a harness and helmet and go on rope bridges and zip lines through the trees. I want to do it before all the leaves are gone. Grandpa has given me permission, (not necessarily his blessing). I am going to ask Joey to go with me . A good time should be shared. Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Jenna- hey there. Guess what, the other day I was speaking to a group of recent college grads and I mentioned being in Brazil with WMF- one of the girls said that she was in Brazil and a WMF person translated for her team... I said ohhh you must be one of the Tennessee Baptists! She was... how funny is that...I cannot remember her name. Take care, Jennica