Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ben's Saquarema Photos

I still don't have a digital camera...and I forgot to buy real film, so the other Fleshies took pictures on our retreat...these are all from Ben, our on-field photographer.

We stayed at a pousada with seven other guests, two sweet and silent Irish girls, five pot-smoking, drunken, obnoxious and slovenly surfers from English-speaking countries once populated by English convicts. (I'll be discussing them in more detail in another blog entry...) The most interesting part of my non-interations with them were the tall one's excellent tattoos and listening to their accented curse words as they tried to figure out why breakfast was not ready for them at noon...

This is the view from the front:

The classic Jenna-on-a-beach photo:

Me and my "little sis:"

Some pictures from the rocks below the Saquarema church...I was in paradise: the rocks, the sunset, the waves...

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