Thursday, November 16, 2006

My co-worker was stopped by the police the other day.

We found out because his wife called us in calm but frantic mode because the neighbors had poked their heads in to let her know that it looked like he'd be put in the car before it drove away...and she hadn't been able to get ahold of him on his cell. In Rio, this is usually bad news.

Thankfully, it all worked out fine.

His old ID, the expired one, was still in a pocket of his wallet. When they'd searched it through and through for drugs and found nothing, the cop decided to insist that he was illegal because of the expired ID, in spite of the current identification he was also carrying. They then put him in the car to see how much money they could extract out of him.

Bad move, dudes. This guy carries NO MONEY.

After driving around for a while, they decided to ask him, one last time, "if there was anything you'd like to offer us?"

"I'd like to offer you...this prayer that I pray against the violence in Rio..."

(you may laugh here. I did.)

Apparently, so did the cops, and let him go. A mile away from his destination, but at least out of the car. And he was able to call his wife.

We tell this story to our Brazilian friends and they tell us we're crazy. They're right. But dangit, it's blissfully FUN to be crazy. And imagine all the stories that would otherwise be lost!!!

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