Saturday, November 11, 2006

Some little imp

who has nothing better to do on this freezing wet night just rang my doorbell for a good thirty seconds and banged all over my gate downstairs. It's locked. For good reason. To make sure punks like you stay downstairs, where the next time that happens I can spray you with water or worse...I love being a grumpy old woman!

Tonight is my last night of total house freedom for a while...I'm gaining one or more roommates until December. Ben needs a place to stay while he's looking for a place to rent and quarters are cramped at the place in Jacarezinho. Seeing as I kind of took his place a year ago, it's only fair that I offer him a place to sleep! But it will kind of be fun to have roommates...

Good news! My CPF card arrived in the mail this week, which means that I am now officially a "real person" and can do anything that requires good credit: buy a house, buy a refrigerator, rent movies (even if they're pirated), get 10% off at my favorite stores during my birthday month...Now all I'm waiting for is my ID card, which might be here in a month. But probably not. My visa might run out before I have my identification card...

That's Brasil for you.

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