Sunday, December 17, 2006

because i'm crashing...

we hiked around the market today looking for dishtowels and beads. tiago was more than patient. then it was a tram ride and long hike around santa teresa. wonderful day. even though it was blazing hot. hello summer in rio!

i'm exhausted and and almost falling asleep typing. we're going to bed, me and mom, with our fans turned on full blast over these sunburns and our poor, swollen feet elevated.

hint to the traveler: when doing the rushed rio tour, eating (i.e. gorging on meat and sushi) at a churrascaria one night and following that up with mineiran cuisine equals a sure recipe for salt overdose and a very, very sore stomach. we're on a salad diet for the next few days!

in other news, a friend on the street gave birth last week and we hope to have time to go visit her tomorrow. it's her fifth baby girl. and she's about as old as i am. i don't know if that makes me feel old...or just jaded...or what.


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