Monday, January 15, 2007

Television in the Mail

I just bought my season pass on iTunes to Lost, season three. After getting addicted to the show over New Years' (a season and a half in about three days), I knew it was either shell out the iTunes price, deal with irrevokable guilt at illegal downloading, wait until it came out on dvd (IMPOSSIBLE!!!) or buy a television. The television option also requires illegal I decided that I'd go the slow but sure legal route.

The new season starts February 7th, and I'm going to try to get as many friends addicted as possible. That way, I can feel less anti-social when I sit down with my thirty-minute fix of action, confusion, suspense, and really freaky island situations. Selfish, I know.

After renting a few episodes of Alias some months ago, I got hooked and got my mother to bring down the first season. Tiago and I are now into our fifth Alias dvd, which means that I have to start looking around for season two. Though I've heard the last few seasons weren't as good, Alias is so far one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. And while that does include time in Brazil, which isn't saying much (novellas are just a step above soap operas), it's meant as a compliment. None of the WMF staff in Rio has a television, and we're all pretty much content to stay that way. We just pick up whole seasons of the shows we know we like and then have movie nights when we want. It's like those fancy tv services (TiVo?) that let you record and then replay, only cheaper and we only have to pay for what we honestly want to watch. Alias and Lost will become my contributions to the community entertainment fund! The only problem is deciding if I'd rather download or buy...which requires two sets of postage and handling-one to Indiana, the other to Brazil-and waiting a really long time, hoping that it doesn't get lost or stolen in the mail...

So for my last day of vacation, I'm chillin' at home, downloading Lost episodes, organizing my cd collection, trying my hand at drawing (pitifully), and resisting the temptation to watch the next Alias without my boyfriend. Will Friday never come???

Going back to work tomorrow and looking forward to it!

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