Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday, lazy Sunday

I'm sitting here in Rich and Rebecca's new stuffy white chair (super comfortable and making me a bit upset that I didn't buy it first), writing updates and emails and eating raisins. It's cooling off, marginally, and I've enjoyed the first real relaxing Sunday in months. I didn't have to make lunch (the teenagers at my morning church had a fundraiser), and I went to the mall where I got two English language books to devour later with a cup of Jenna-style Starbucks wanna-be coffee, and have no plans other than evening church, and that, only if I want to. Maybe I'll just go for the worship. It's been hard to stay for the whole service recently. The pastor speaks for almost an hour and a half, and doesn't say much of anything that resounds with me. One begins to turn off a bit when the pastor yaks on and on about how people need to be more involved in this or that, the Sunday school program, the Friday night vigils...

A horse just ran down my street. Followed by a motorcycle. That's kind of cool.

Anyhow, I'm a bit burned out on preaching. It's Palm Sunday but the Protestant churches seem to be ignoring it. The sermon this morning was on money. I felt such an ache, watching all the Catholic kids wave their palm branches around in the streets...the reactionary tendencies of the "protesters" excise all the beauty out. I hope they'll at least celebrate Easter.

Anyhow, this has been a good, relaxing day. Praise the Lord. This week will be a bit wild: I'm babysitting at Vidinha on Tuesday, there's a party there on Thursday and we're taking the kids out on Friday for a group birthday party. Wildness!

It's April. I'm coming back to the States in two months, exactly. Crazy.


Anonymous said...

whenever rich or i talk to you on the phone, we keep forgetting to mention the chair and the couch. i guess you noticed! enjoy it for a while and try to keep it clean! :)

Ellen said...

when are you coming back to the states? will i get to see you?

Anonymous said...

I am planning on coming to Ohio in June for our "sisters weekend" I just may scoot down to Spencer.Only problem is Grandpa is not keen on traveling anymore. Hate to leave him for so long.I'm having one of my sleepless nights, so thought I would put it to some good use. I just found out you never got your christmas present. Wondered why it hadn't been cashed. They lost it. Your picture is still in the making, but now I have 2 months to finish it. :) Love, Grammy