Thursday, May 10, 2007

Winter came in the middle of the night

Rain. With cold blew in...

My interview went nicely, thanks for all who prayed for me. It looks like I'll be a business student after all! I went down to Praça Mauá after, walking the length of Rio Branco in nearly four-inch heels. The kids didn't recognize me at first, in my suit and fancy shoes. I played with a baby for a while and slipped out of the foot torture devices to sing nonsense songs on a scrap of cardboard and mull over the fact that I was accepted to this school more probably because of this than anything that my resume said about me. "This" being different, working for an NGO, knowing street people, in touch with what's going on in Brazilian society in a way that people who are physically removed don't tend to see, or want to see. My interviewer made a comment about how he thought that even at coffee breaks I was going to spark some interesting conversations. I think he's right. Along with my mother. :)

So I'll be getting another student visa in the States, and taking night classes a couple times a week starting in September. Fun! Do you think anyone will mind if I show up smelling like the streets???

It's been a while since I went to the movies. A big group of us from church headed out tonight and it was fun. I think I'm getting a bit more ADD-it was so hard to sit all the way through, even though I enjoyed Spiderman 3! I still think Harry is much more interesting than Spidey... And I didn't even complain about the walk home from the mall after, at midnight. It is good to live close to things, you know? But after so much walking, I am glad to be home, and even more excited to see my bed. G'night!

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Ali la Loca said...

Wow. As always, you make me think so much about the situation in Rio, how each person plays a role, even if it is one of ignoring everything that is going on. You are doing amazing work. I always say the same things in comments...

Anyhow, I'm so excited - and am actually laughing out loud at the irony or whatever of it all - that you will be studying at ibmec. Feel free to write/call anytime to "desabafar" about the people that will be your future classmates. Girl, get ready for some culture shock. :)

I am so thrilled that you will be getting your visa. Did you meet with Teresa Cristina, the secretary?

Okay. Time for me to go to bed.