Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Highlights

Austin, Texas

Cute little girl: Mommy, mommy! Come meet the lady that spoke to us this morning! She taught us about Brazil."
Mother: What did you learn?
CLG: That it's a horrible place!

Well. Oops. So I maybe need to put some more cheerful pictures into my Brazil slideshow, because that was one thing I did NOT want to communicate to the children's groups this morning! I spoke to two groups of children at my supporter's church today. It's really hard to talk about street ministry without mentioning drugs or sex, but I did it!

This church is really amazing. They have a great children's ministry and really focus on missions, on getting the children to see that ministering to other people isn't something that is just reserved for "special people." They asked great questions and were super attentive during my presentation, and afterwards, they all laid hands on me and prayed, which was extremely touching.

I was also blessed by getting to kneel (to take "real" Communion) on the St. Francis pillow, which has special significance for me, as Francis and his life have had a strong influence on my understanding of missions, life and the Gospel.

I'm staying with some friends here who are just too hospitable and wonderful. What blessings!!!

Dallas, Texas

Playing with my best friend's adorable baby girl. Her first word? Happy.
Hanging out by the pool, having deep discussions over cards, and sharing fantastic vegetarian fare.

New Jersey

Spending time with my family, meeting cousins and their children (some for the first time!) and eating really great seafood.
Having my nails done by a cute woman named Park.
Spending time with my old friend Ted and his family; a late-night jam session and then singing with him at my grandparents' church.


VIsiting Hershey, PA with my grandparents and a women's club...singing on the stage of the Hershey Theater.
Zipping through the forest on ziplines and a scary swinging bridge for my grandmother's 73rd birthday party.
Having fun and secret laughs with the two Philipino women who were staying with us for a couple of days.

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