Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The creepiness of Facebook

Does anyone else find Facebook eerie? It's amazing to find people that I've lost touch with over the years...but there are some people that you lose touch with on purpose. There's all these requests for more information. If I answered every one, the details would basically let Facebook write my biography, map out my whole life up to this point, and let the NSA/CIA/FBI/INTERPOL/PF or whoever have a heyday. I kind of miss the days when people had to get to know you to know you, not just spend half an afternoon trolling through online networking sites.

And another thing. The photos...the tags...I LIKED being anonymous! It's disconcerting to see a picture in which you've been tagged. Not only has someone posted a picture of yours on the internet without your permission, they've also prominently displayed your name to the rest of the world. Or maybe only people in your friend groups can see the names...I don't know. This is way beyond me, but I do feel as if my privacy is somewhat intruded upon. I guess this is a call to my friends: put all your personal information you want to on the internet, but leave me out. I want to be your real and virtual friend, but does everyone need to know that I'm the chick in that Thanksgiving photo? Or the gangly teenager with poufy bangs?

Am I just getting grumpy in my old age? Does this bother anyone else? Comments, please!


Ellen said...

yes, it bothers me, too. It was so cool when it was only for college students- you had to use your school's email account address to even get registered on facebook. now anyone can do it. its sad when something you (as in me, 19 years old) found cool is now considered, 'this cool new way to connect with friends' by 30- 35 year olds. somehow, it isnt as cool now.

Ali la Loca said...

I'm not on Facebook (at least I don't think so, but this stuff you say about photo tags has me wondering)...

I have big issues about posting people's photos on the internet without permission. I try on my own blog not to include any photos of people that haven't given me their express permission. I know you do the same.

I feel like one day all these MySpace and Facebook and Flickr maniacs are going to look back and wish they could press some takeback button and get all those images off the net. But of course, by the time you regret it, it's too late.