Friday, July 27, 2007

so, what does c-cabin mean?

According to Brooke:

"You get two packets of peanuts instead of only one."

Right. I KNOW "Y" cabin. It's where your legs are scrammed up in your chest and they don't like to give you more than two blankets and you can't get out to go to the bathroom unless you climb over your two sleeping, drooling seatmates.

These rebooking passes say C-cabin.

I spent way too much time looking for that on the internet. My mother picks up the boarding passes and says,

"What does United Business mean?"

That's kind of like when I didn't know what "FIRST" meant on my Austin to Chicago flight. I'd never seen THAT word before...

So I want to take back all of my bad attitude. Because not only did God answer my prayers to see my sister and get a chance to re-pack my bags one last time, He laughed at my pleading for first class...and just bumped me up to business.


I love being a missionary!


Anonymous said...

I thought "c" stood for cheap. That's the only way I fly. Didn't even know there were other letters. Hope to see new postings soon.. I really do like reading about what you are doing there. Hopefully your Swiss sister will follow in yours and your sisters footsteps in the update\blog writings. Your parents must be so proud that all of you are living life on your terms and love what you do


Ali la Loca said...

btw - you are tagged over at my blog.