Friday, July 13, 2007

The Sunday Scribblings topic this week is: hair.

I'm not going to write about hair. I'm going to write about how I've been procrastinating away my blog writing time, partly by catching up with overseas friends on instant messenger, and partly because there's not been any down time during these crazy weeks of jetting across the country to speak to supporters and visit churches and family and down time to process anything. Not the truly amazing experiences I've been having. Not the really funny stories I'm dying to share. My brain just wants to go to sleep. My body is literally so tense that I feel like someone is constantly twisting, twisting my muscles into little abacus beads that can be used to count how long it is since I just sat. Just breathed. Just didn't worry about the to-do list that reaches to infinity.

I'm at the Word Made Flesh retreat right now, and I'm looking forward to ten days of exactly what I've not been getting since, well, I can't remember. Silence. Time to stare into a blue sky and talk with God without a cellphone somewhere blaring or an appointment hanging over my shoulder. And rest. Lots of sleep in a real, honest to goodness, bed that's long enough for my head AND my feet. So after a nice dip in the hotel pool and hot tub, I'm going to bed. With wet hair...

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