Sunday, November 11, 2007

Frustrated with myself

My password isn't working on the college website.

Actually, I have no idea what my password is. I typed in so many different permutations of my classic passwords last night that when one of them finally worked, I couldn't remember what pattern my fingers had typed. And it is now driving me crazy. How many different options can there be?

In other news:

I went out to the laundry sink this morning and something was glittering in the drain hole. Oh. A bullet. 45, I think, with some nice marks and a huge gouge out of the one side. Sheared off a good chunk of the bullet. Here's the thing. There are no holes in my outside walls, or the sink, and the tiles are not strong enough to withstand a bullet's force. There are no holes in any of my neighbors' walls either, and the laundry area is to the back of the house. So I'm pretty much surrounded by other houses. I spent a good part of the morning trying to figure out the physics of this phenomenon. I think that either I had a bullet eating rat in my sink last night, or, more probably, when shot, the bullet hit a post or other sturdy material which slowed it's trajectory and caused it to fall not just into my sink, but directly in the center, bulls' eyeing my drain.

I'm glad I wasn't doing laundry.

The other night, I saw tracer fire...four red dots in the sky followed by the rattattat of the automatic weapon...but it was high and seemed more celebratory than violent. Although there's been a lot of "pipoca" around here recently. One of our volunteers saw the military police's armed tank the other day. He says it looks like "the ice cream truck from Hell."

I wonder what kind of ice cream they'd serve.

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