Saturday, January 12, 2008

But I was talking about brownies...

We made brownies and black bean soup for dinner, and I ate it while sitting in my laundry sink, which is much more comfortable than it sounds.

The brownies were from a mix. I could give you the recipe for the soup, but we didn’t follow it. It was one of our “finds” from the magazine ripping. Basically, you take onions, garlic, green peppers, and sautée in olive oil with salt, cumin, curry powder, pepper, hot pepper, a dash of chili powder…all to taste. Add black beans and bean juice and a a can of coconut milk If we’d had cilantro, it would have been used, but no one wanted to go out and buy some. We squeezed limes into the finished product and it was so great that we each ate two bowls.

Ellen tells me I talk about food a lot. I think I might have an obsession...but I like good food SO much. (But that is a topic for another blog posting...)

Which is why I like being a student at my college, because I just discovered that students and alumni receive a discount of 20% at the best steakhouse in Rio. Which is where I took Ellen on Thursday night, and where we are still slightly woozy from the amount of cow we consumed. I could never be a very happy vegetarian!

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Rachel said...

i'm obsessed with food too and i think i talk about it way too much on my blog. that black bean soup sounds amazing by the way. and apparently there's this virulent flu going around rio, which i currently have. maybe your immune system is stronger and managed to fight it off!! bjos