Thursday, February 07, 2008

Funk do Céu

This video might only make sense to those of you who have had the dubious pleasure of hearing the viral funk song "Creu." Even if you don't get the parody, the chance to hear real Brazilian funk is worth it...

This was one of the comic skits at the retreat. Instead of "creu", he sings "céu." Like the original song, each "velocity" is sung faster and faster, so that by the time you reach the Holy Spirit part, it totally sounds like someone speaking in tongues. I laughed so have no idea how IRONIC this was at a BAPTIST retreat. Loved it!

The translation goes like this:

To go to heaven you need to be consecrated,
To go to heaven you have to seek holiness
I came to tell you there are 5 steps of
And each step of faith has its own velocity…

The first step is conversion and learning
The second step is discipleship
The third step is evangelism
The fourth step is to give your tithe
The fifth step is the baptism in the Holy Spirit...

Heaven, heaven, heaven

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