Friday, April 18, 2008

A Call for Miles

My morning face, on learning that roundtrip tickets for Christmastime will be in the realm of one THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS.

At that price, my presence will be a Christmas present to all the people on my list!!!

I'm so excited about going. It's been four years since I spent Christmas with my family...there are so many things to get excited about:
Frolicking in the snow after four years of summer
Christmas with a real tree (instead of a two-foot tall imitation-of-an-imitation shrub that fits on a bookshelf)
Spending the holidays with family
Visiting friends and supporters
Hot chocolate around the fireplace
McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and all the other fattening American food I miss
Libraries with English books
Goodwill and all the other used clothing stores
Buying stacks of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar to take back
Antique stores
Snowball fights
Mom's cooking
Tromping through the snow, looking through old yearbooks, eating my sister's perfect chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven

Priceless? Absolutely. Expensive enough to make me cry? That too. I don't suppose anyone out there in the blogsphere has United Airlines miles they're just dying to donate? I just heard recently that there are more unused airline miles in the world than there are of the world's largest currencies. More airline miles than dollars, yuan, euros, etc... It sounds too crazy to be true...


Anonymous said...


Don't get too excited about snow. We hardly had any all winter, then had a blizzard on Easter that didn't stick.


Ellen said...

you know that we dont use real christmas trees anymore- right? but a 3 foot tall fiberoptic (horrible, ugly thing) instead. My flight is supposed to be about that same price- but now we are waiting for Biruk's citizenship before we can do anything, so I might see you over christmas! when are you going to send me some of those pics from when I visted you?
Lastly- why dont you try being the crazy one in the relationship for a change? if you tend to attract strange guys, there is sure to be a nice, decent guy who tends to also attract strange girls, so you pretend to be strange, attract a decent guy (who happens to have your problem of being a wierdo-magnet) and wa-la! you have a decent guy.

Alexandra Amaro said...

Contact Juli Parrot, the travel agent listed on our wedding web site. She is based in Denver and can work MIRACLES.

Anonymous said...

About the tree ... yes we have the 3 ft. fiber optic we put by the stairs for decoration. We ALSO have the nice one from the office, and that is the one we use for Christmas. If you want, we could even chop down one of the pines out in the woods. However, that always reminds me of Anna & Chris' tree that one horrible Christmas years ago... Love, Mom