Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Making friends on the Tijuca bus

"Hey lady, is your book about France or Holland? Because, because it’s red. Red and white and blue and those are the colors of the flags. The flags of France and Holland. Except France is up and down and Holland’s flag has the stripes lying on top of each other? I like Holland. You like France? Well that's okay. Lady? You’re really pretty. And nice. And your eyes are like gray, kind of green. They’re gray, aren’t they? Lady, you’re pretty. And me? I’m smart? And you like my, my smile? My smile is big, uh, yup, I smile a lot!!! Hahaha! Yeah…and I'm cute, too, huh? I’m cute! Wow…wow…lady, lady, are you trying to sleep? Have you finished your book yet? You look kind of German. Or maybe European. Where were you born? Can you buy me some candies? Okay, that’s fine. Is this your stop? Okay lady, bye now…"

You can see him, can't you? Missing his two front teeth, big smile, slight stutter...and the girl who was his assistant not even attempting to contain her laughter as this gentle soul made friends with as many people as he could on the bus...

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