Sunday, May 25, 2008

Telling lies to strangers.

Not being able to hear (or pretending you've can't) within generally accepted personal space boundaries? That qualifies you as old and possibly slimy.

At least twenty years older than the woman you're hitting on? That qualifies you as clueless.

Not taking visible and obvious "get lost" clues from the same woman, asking her for personal information and pretending to be a gentlemen? That qualifies you as creepy.

Which makes you a slimy, creepy, clueless old man.

If men over the age of 50 want to behave like 17 year old playboys, they're entitled to their ridiculousness in our society. Mature and on the prowl, out for a "good time" and looking for the newest "hangout?" We can't bar you from public spaces. But realize that you're a hideous caricature. Perhaps there are women out there who are equally interested. But make sure there's interest on her part before you start your harassment. If you intrude on our space, if you bombard us with leering and inappropriate requests, we will lie to you and we will find subway advertisements suddenly extremely appealing. But that might just be because we mentioned that we were Christians.

The next time, women such as myself may be tempted to forgo that part and share in a very loud voice in a public place that single women are not prostitutes for sale and just because you may find someone attractive does not mean that you can force small talk until the vomiting point. We do not have to talk to you. We do not have to be nice. We can carry our own bags, will not be beholden to you, and yes, we can figure out how to take public transportation very well thank you.

Gah! Brazilian courtesy has its limits. Christian courtesy has its limits. And the slimeball with the bad breath today managed to cross both lines...

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