Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good day, bad day

Good things:

-Kids were excited about the rubber roll-out keyboard I brought to Timonis. Most of them banged around or cautiously tapped on a couple of keys. One girl (yes, Kate, THAT one) played around a little bit, then said, "Tia, listen!"

And proceeded to play a 25 second melody that as far as I can tell, she invented in the four minutes she had alone with the keyboard.

That was a good moment.

-We talked about the widow's mite from Luke, chapter 21 today. It was fun to listen to the kids' comments, especially the one little girl who informed me that Caesar was the emperor whose face was on the coins in Jesus' time. Nice...especially for a six year old who lives in a Rio slum was a good lesson. Some of the kids actually LEANED IN to listen. As opposed to bashing each others' teeth in and calling their neighbors dirty names and arguing over whose parents are REALLY in jail...

Not good things:

-The gunfight that we nearly missed. It started at the exact moment my coworker was opening the door to let the children out. No one, thankfully, was in a run-out-the-door-stampede mood. Most of the kids ran back up the stairs, but my coworker, a 4 year-old, and I were stuck in the courtyard. I had to crouch my way over to the door, which was difficult to lock when not in a standing position. But locked it must be, because otherwise, the police may have come IN.

-The gunfight made me late. Which made me stressed.

-Even being late, only one other woman showed up at our meeting to do major homework for a project due Monday. We had problems, problems, problems and were stuck in a study room air-conditioned to below-freezing. I argued with the other members of the group via cellphone, came home at 10:00 pm, cried into my new pillow, and have just finished the other Good Thing: hot chocolate spiked with cayenne pepper. Now I am going to take a hot shower (a Hot shower is a Good Thing. A Bad Thing? The electric shower head + a shower of more than 10 minutes = breaker flips and the shower, kitchen and bathroom outlets and refrigerator won't work for three hours. Still worth it.)

I can't wait for this week to be over.

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thekate said...

SO delighted am I that I tripped onto your blog today. You even talk to me in your post! That's an honor. Glad you survived the gunfight and that everyone's okay... well, everyone inside Tim., anyway ... oddly enough, I can honestly say I wish I'd been there. Love the story about That Girl. I could insert demands here for you to intensely develop her musical talent, but you already know what I'd say. Love. Blessings.