Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A "Typical" Day in the Office

-Wake up, in stupor.
-Take a shower, avoiding electrocution while banging on the electric showerhead so it will "catch."
-Hand wash laundry while simultaneously reading the internet news, washing dishes and preparing breakfast.
-Scrub kitchen clean, including stovetop. Yuck.
-Clean rest of house, remove cobwebs. (It's been a while.)
-Work on office responsibilities and writing assignments.
-Check email 16 times.
-Play solitaire and organize a mountain of papers.
-Take out the trash. Wish there was recycling in this neighborhood.
-Watch in horror as computer goes into blue screen of death, followed by black screen of confusion. Reload. (Prayers are successful and nothing seems to be lost!)
-Pray for an Apple laptop. Curse HP and Windows Vista.
-Verify that I did not fail my class in Research and Consumer Behavior due to absences. Passed!
-Make lunch, marvel at how beans burn in a pressure cooker when there are still 3 cups of liquid remaining. Rinse lunch, cook some more.
-Bible study and contemplation time, followed by a nap.
-Hit snooze button on the cellphone post-nap to pray: 8 minutes for each person. This is not procrastinating...
-Begin answering interview questions for a local indi-mag. Try to be succinct in Portuguese. I'm getting ready to host a dinner at home with some friends, but thankfully the guests are bringing the ingredients. I'm not in a mood to go to the supermarket today...


JaraBeara said...

im lovin this!

wren said...

Your office is your apartment too? We should swap. We'll live in one and work in the other...

Long commute, though.