Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beyond Brilliant

Museums aren't for everyone, but I was so impressed by this exhibit that for a moment, I was entertaining the thought of making a quick trip back to the Other American Continent...

Plenty of other bloggers are talking about this and much more eloquently. Just go there...look at the design inventions. Maybe get inspired yourself!

Also, did anyone else read the Palin/Couric interview transcripts and just shake their heads? I don't even understand what she tried to say. Maybe Alaskans speak another dialect of English???

Oh, I cannot wait for elections to be over, in both countries! If you think political campaigns are annoying in the U.S., please, imagine EVERY POLITICIAN purchasing external sound systems, attaching them to old cars, and driving through town while blasting a promotional loop of 30 seconds that includes obnoxious music in addition to ridiculous campaign slogans. Or worse, parking on your corner for 15 or 20 minutes without turning off the sound. It is deafening. Annoying. Just elect the next bloodsucker and let's be done with it!

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Alexandre Casimiro said...

Adorei o texto sobre sua visão do aparato usado numa campanha eleitora...=)=) pior que é assim mesmo...