Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My father would be so proud.

Last night was class number two with the eccentric economics professor, who has now named me Glenda and attributes my intelligence to milk.

-It's the milk they drink in the United States, people. It's all fortified...vitamins...hormones. All in the milk! There's nothing we can do about it!

We were learning about expansion of demand and all that jazz, but hadn't come around to talking about elasticity. She used a case study and asked the class if it was an example o A (expansão de demanda) or B (redução de demanda). The rest of the class batted around these two possibilities. I decided to speak up (and braved my way through a bright-red face as I became the center of attention) and pointed out that the answer was neither A nor B. It wasn't a question of expansion or retraction, because the price had been altered.

She allowed the class to tease me, for not choosing the obvious answer. I think this woman enjoys keeping her students a bit uncomfortable...

Of course, I was right. And, apparently, the first student to correctly answer the question since she's been teaching. That's kind of sad...

(Not that I would attribute this directly to that economics class back in 8th grade. My 13 year old self is still peeved! Quite frankly, all I remember is that I hated that little blue book and the pages smelled bad. Or maybe it was the words macro and microeconomics that did me in from page one!)

So now I have a new reputation as the "smart one." I think I'll start a milk import business...and avoid group projects like the plague!


Anonymous said...

HA! It is only your stubborn pride that keeps you from honoring your wonderful education and heritage!
Who would have thought you would be the brightest star in your post grad economics class! I did!



Anonymous said...

Glenda - I thought you were 18 when you took the course. Don't you remember that Dad wasn't going to let you go to college if you didn't pass his class? As I remember it, you WERE flunking and then aced the final, left your Dad shaking his head in amazement, and we still have your blue book outlining your home jewelry-making business. Glad you are enjoying this class a bit more. Love, Mom

indiana.amy said...

are you classes in Portuguese?

--jenna said...

Funny, Mom and Dad. I think Anna or Brooke was the 18 year old, because I am pretty sure I did that class before I went to HIGH SCHOOL....but whatever. I am a genius, you can say it...hahaha

Amy...yes, classes are in Portuguese! Sometimes it is hard to get the translations spot on...and sometimes I zone out and miss half a class...but incredibly, most classes I can follow without problems. Praise the Lord!