Monday, November 03, 2008


This long absence from the blog can be summed up in one word: Peru. Between the planning for the trip and the actual retreat/field visit, I've had little time to even think about writing on the blog. Not to mention the sticky internet cafe keyboards...

So this is really just a teaser, because I'm not home yet and I want to put photos up with the posts. But just to whet your appetites, the next few blog posts will include stories about:

-ancient Moche civilization ruins and the world's largest mud city
-descriptions of the Peruvian foods that are leaving me 5 pounds heavier after just 13 days in this country
-how to fit 10 women in a taxi
-reflections on culture and ministry
-wild dancing children
-Inca Kola
-hamburger nights
-what it is like to worship God in Aymara, Spanish, Portuguese and English
-the awe-inspiring, austere beauty of the desert...

But for now, I'm kind of tired. Too many potatoes, too much aji (Peruvian peppers) and probably too much coffee have done their evil work on my joints. Time to go to bed.

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