Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Saturday

Not a normal Saturday. A little bread making in the works, I decided to go bridesmaid dress shopping while the dough rose. The dress plan was a bust; blue is apparently NOT the fashionable color of the moment in Rio. But instead, I found these beauties, on the advice of a friend who told me to get over my hatred of the sickly sweet scent branding in the store. Once on my feet, it was love at first touch.

Also, I've read "The Little Prince" in three languages, which perfectly justifies a pair of shoes emblazoned with the illustrations. (Ignore the smudges in the picture; Rio's streets are dirty.)

After my recent posting/rant about the difficulties of finding good shoes, I have to give out a huge shout out to the folks at Melissa. Yes, these shoes are made of plastic. But they really are comfortable, and fit all the little aches and nooks of my feet. I spent last night in the woven spider-webby ones, dancing at a "despedida de solteira" and really had no problem. It was like being barefoot! Thank Jesus for people who make comfortable shoes!

I also came home from my little 3 hour spree with the receipt for a washing machine. After four years of washing my clothes by hand, I woke up on Thursday and thought, "Why are you doing this to yourself?" So I researched some prices and models and voila! found the perfect machine at the supermarket! Not only will it wash my things, but it has a nifty function that is supposed to re-use the second rinse cycle water. Environmentally friendly!

So my shopping list that did look like this:

washing machine
calcium chloride (for cheesemaking)
blue dress now only short the cheese supplies and bridesmaid dress. Given my usual shopping track record, I'm quite pleased.


Ellen said...

i really like the orange 'little prince' shoes- they're fun! but i am trying to imagine my very fashionable and coordinated sister actually wearing them somewhere- i hope you do!

Laura said...

Wow..! I love the illustrations on shoes.