Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Creative Dining

Positano. Day 1. It's lunchtime and we're sitting at a little restaurant, watching pastel Vespas dart by and women in Dior sunglasses wander arm in arm with their friends. The water seems nearly still as it laps the edges of the cliffs down below, and I'm speechless by the expansive amount of blue everywhere. At the Vatican, the tour guides told us that blue was the most expensive paint color...I can see why God decided to overdo it in creation!

We order our pasta (rings of pasta and baby squid for me, gnocchi for him) and as the waiter brings it out, he passes the parmesan to my boyfriend and instructs him in a joking, but stern tone,

"Please, don't let her have the cheese!"

Apparently, in Italy, it's a BIG no-no to put cheese on seafood pasta dishes. And they're quite religious about their food. Which, judging from the pound or two that I've already gained, is a REALLY GOOD THING.

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