Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Good, green design. Would you buy one?

A facebook friend had this link from the BBC up the other day: bamboo bicycles. It's an innovative entrepreneurial project. Sure, the creators seem a bit too enthusiastically ambitious, but can you blame them? There's so much to love about this idea, what with the low impact on the environment and, my personal favorite, the intentional low-tech-ness of it all. I love low-tech. I love taking things back to simpler methods that work just as well, if not better, than the ones that need 600 page instruction manuals. I still don't own, nor want, a Blackberry. My Moleskine does just fine, thank you. I prefer kneading my own bread dough to buying the presliced cardboard in the stores. And I'm hopeless at Wii, though I've been known to actually take a walk on the beach from time to's a pretty nice alternative entertainment option! So, low-tech praises aside, what's your opinion on the bamboo bikes? Clever, stupid, brilliant, or an accident waiting to happen?

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