Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's finally here! I've got a few things up on my brand-new Etsy site, so go check them out, ponder their usefulness as Christmas presents for the lovely lady in your life, or just talk it up amongst your friends, please!

AriapĆ³ is a Portugese word that means "old person's hand." I thought it was a fitting title, both as a reference to my punk arthritis and my love of vintage things. (Plus, I really like alliteration.)

Go. Enjoy. And comment. (But not about the bleh photos, unless you've got some good tips for me that won't involve me dropping my 2 hour old camera on the floor when the makeshift light box shifts. Really. Because that was an expensive, untimely repair. And I cried. So only helpful tips, please, as I'm quite clumsy!)


Ellen said...

to make the colors stand out brighter, put them against contrasting colors- such as the red Olivia earings in green grass (or the obnoxious walls of the room where you sleep), the Cecily earings are really pretty, but the drab background does nothing to make them stand out: try a bright yellow cloth behind it- which would accentuate not only the torquoise, but the brown, as well. And mom has tons of scraps of cloth. Textures would also help- knitted wool sweaters or thick socks would provide plenty of texture, and with a zoom it would just be a background.
The Liana Necklace needs a bright background, for sure!
And question: I recognize the names of some of your creations, but I can't find MINE anywhere!!! :)

Ali la Loca said...

Yay!!!! Going to have a looksie now.