Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slight changes

I've started a new blog just for recipes, to keep my posts here from turning into huge, rambling monstrosities. It's called Elegant Domesticity and the first recipes are all ones going into the Birthday Extravaganza (post to come tomorrow, complete with pictures!).

If you're craving a recipe for something I've mentioned on here before, let me know and I'll try to post it.


All that blog creating has made me oblivious to the passage of time. It's way past lunch...hmmm, what SHALL I do?

1 comment:

anne said...

am looking forward to our slightly and then muchly cooler weather, so I can really turn on the oven and make some of these things :)
Hey, we got a Brasil cook book today. It's another in that series we got from one of the book salesmen, the same as the african ones, etc we got before you left. Will have to see what's in it, just brought it up from the basement!