Monday, December 06, 2010

Small Pleasures

This week's reading is "The Elegance of the Hedgehog." Somehow, in my Amazon book-buying madness, I stumbled on a few French gems. A few days ago, with goosebumps up and down my arms and a delightful tickle in my brain (wonderful sentences have that effect), I took in "Death From the Woods" by Brigitte Aubert. It seems to be out of print in English; I had read a few chapters in speech therapy--my therapist just used whatever reading material was at hand--and the Portuguese prose was so curious I had to track down an English version. Well worth it. But as I was saying, I am reading this book by Muriel Barbery. Right now, I'm on a bit about camellias and moss and small, savored pleasures. As today started out fabulously and then petered out after about 4 pm, I needed to take stock of small pleasures to put things aright again.

So, while ignoring the sweat dripping down my back as I hauled a Christmas ham, cleaning supplies, enough fruit for a small orchard and a dozen eggs three blocks to my apartment, I observed:

-a single raindrop that fell !plop! onto my lower lip like a stolen kiss

-white orchids adorning the trees lining the street, little flags that wave in
the wind

-a child's adorable lisping of Portuguese

-one really fantastic pair of seafoam green sandals with an intricate leather flower over the foot

-recognizing strangers--a sure sign you're part of the neighborhood!


Catherine Denton said...

Beautiful observations!

Dancehall DVD said...

You sure about this?

anne said...

today is springlike here, before the next winter blast. Am sure there are some who'd prefer the sweat to the shiver :)
Isn't it great when books speak to you!

Anonymous said...

Randomly came across your blog. Really like this blog about the simple pleasures a day can bring. It's the little things that really count!