Thursday, February 03, 2011

Brechó update, among other things

In the name of laziness and good stewardship, I chose to take my pile of "need to be altered" clothing to a place much closer to home. I have a BIG pile. In the States, I just accepted that clothes wouldn't be perfect. You gave stuff away when it was too big, or stapled the hems, or just lived with stuff that was all flour-sack-y. Not here! Tailors are alive, well, and reasonably priced! Now my baggy BR pants will have new life as properly fitted women's pants, instead of looking all unisex, and my favorite birthday dress will hopefully NOT fall off my body anymore. (Not so good news for the voyeurs, good news for me.)

While I was there, I discovered that the "loja de concertos" also hosts a few racks of used clothing, shoes, hats and bags. Some finds that I loved and that didn't fit me (boohoo), all between R$40 and R$100:

-a yellow and white Zara big flower print sundress with a 50's silhouette (put back on the hanger because yellow makes me look like a zombie.)

-a pale pink strapless, also A-line skirt, to the knee, with gorgeous black print on the bottom of the skirt (said size M but the darn thing was too small for my boobs!)

-a lovely red and hot pink geometric print Sacada dress with waist sash/belt, short, chiffony (these linebacker shoulders didn't work with the straps.)

Go check them out! Ponto e Linha, on the 3rd floor of the "galeria" at Ataulfo de Paiva 1079 in Leblon.

Today I made some speculaas cookies. Recipe and story here.

Also some murcott liqueur...but will have to wait a bit to tell you how that went. I am in the midst of working on some more thoughtful posts, but with all the happenings around here lately, haven't gotten more than a few scribblings down on paper. But I do have a tan, thanks to my MIL who managed to get me to the beach more times in a week than I go in a month! Now I have to get back into a routine again, which is always a bit difficult post-vacation...


anne said...

Presumably you wore sunscreen so you won't age out too young...
Yellow is not an easy color to wear -- can't wear it either.This yr's SRP shirts only came in yellow, so looking to get some made at the tshirt shop.
M is not always M --and am sure your chest measurement is just as it should be :)
You don't have linebacker shoulders, but perhaps the style made it look like you do...
HOORAY for tailors. My sister used to take stuff to the tailor in Chicago (she went to a Man-tailor who was excellent) and got her stuff made to "fit" her. This is not something I have ever experienced, sad to say!

KaySue said...

So where do you get cheap tickets to Rio?