Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fire: Sunday Scribblings

It is a day for starting fires
with agile dragon tongues.
Words on fire,
letters melting into plastic slugs suitable for
pelting onlookers,
the phosphorus of these slurs a
pale fire
green with jealousy
and the faded blue of bitterness.
White magnesium flares in carefully chosen nouns,
vowels spun in glittering deceptions, woven wires,
taut tripwires
hung about the public spaces,
ready to lacerate
or bind,
these words on fire.


Lilibeth said...

Lots of meanings to that word fire and you've turned it into a glorious conflagration of emotion.

Cynthia Marston said...

Wow...powerful! I can feel the sting in the words you write about....and haven't we all been there.

Lisa said...

To me your writing spoke of the hurt and fire that words can have. Is it true that words can never hurt us? Well done!

jaerose said...

All the colours in your poem are so made me feel the fire of words..Jae

anne said...

agile dragon tongues



WarmSunshine said...

I love words that are on fire. Nothing better!!

BTW, I so dig your blog header!

--jenna said...

Well. That's what happens when you write poetry before bed. Wire shows up 2x! Oh well...edits can be done later.

Thank you all for the lovely comments! This was the perfect prompt for me to get something off my chest.

p.s. The blog header is from our engagement shoot...I really loved that our photographer had a teeny tiny foot fetish!

Old Altonian said...

It can leave a very satisfying feeling - to fire off a few verbal broadsides sometimes.