Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Productivity

We ran out of granola this morning and I used the last of the oats in an apple crisp that I ate as my (supremely) healthy breakfast. So as I hunted through the storage for my husband's old backpack, I knew that I was going to be carrying some hefty weight back home from the SAARA market in Centro today.

There are over 600 stores in the SAARA district and it is definitely not a place you want to bring kiddos to, as they will be roundly trampled OR you will be inundated with pleas for more toys than you can possibly stuff into your eco-sacks, purse or shopping bags. It is a made-in-Asia paradise, a wholesale dreamscape, the place you go for all the things you knew you needed but didn't know where to find. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

Here's a picture of the non-food loot I came home with:

Three pans (bundt-style, pizza and bread) plus a tiny grater (hint hint I would LOVE a zester from Pampered Chef...but this will fill in for the meantime), a sink catchall, and a melon baller. Plus I found a pair of workout shorts and picked up about 5 kilos worth of brown sugar, oats, nuts and cocoa powder. Notice the price tag? That same item would be close to 3 times more expensive if I purchased it at the corner shop...ditto for pretty much everything we picked up this morning.

If you go to SAARA, take the subway, get off at the Uruguaiana stop (the best exits are the Senhor dos Passos or the Rua da Alfândega ones). Take plenty of small cash or a debit card, a big expandable bag, and comfy walking shoes. And dress down, because while I wouldn't consider it dangerous, it IS a sweaty, dusty place where people go for serious work or serious shopping, and you'll be hassled by comments and beggars if you look like you don't belong. Go at 9 am and miss the crowds, or go later and be prepared for jostling!

Had a great lunch of picanha followed by fro-yo and wonderful fun times with my friend who came along on the shopping trip...and came home to rest up a bit before part two of the day.

Part two is where I flit between the sauna of the kitchen and the air-conditioned living room. That oven just makes things UNBEARABLE! I had to give up on making bread today, so instead, while I toasted my granola and made pizza dough for tonight, I thought I would clean out my kitchen odds and ends drawer. I succeeded in being clumsy, as usual, and narrowly missed impaling my foot with a paring knife. Poor knife:

He had to be retired.


anne said...

IF he tried to bite you, he should be retired. IF he only came close because you dropped him, well, perhaps he will be happy in retirement, and it's safer for him...poor old knife!

sounds like fun, the shopping, except it's probably Hot there and even tho it's cold here, don't miss the extreme heat. Like medium weather.

--jenna said...

He jumped. I maintain that is intent to bite! :D

Oh, tis hot here, and very sticky, though not so much close to the ocean...where we live...but in the city, in the concrete, it is baking. Pffft. Love my fans!