Sunday, April 17, 2011

Step right up! Get it here! Ladies and Gentlemen, the Lonely Tourist has arrived!

After years of writing and months of compiling, revising and editing, my first "real" book is finally ready.


I'm not sure how my heart is still beating inside my chest. Name in print, albeit self-published print, is entirely too thrilling.

I want to share my excitement with someone! Since I'll have to wait until a copy can be shipped to Brazil, one lucky, randomly selected reader will receive a copy in the mail even before the author gets hers! Leave me a comment or drop me an email using the tidy new "Contact" page. I'll collect the entries and announce a winner on Wednesday.

p.s. Reading poetry makes you smarter. Buying poetry makes you a supporter of the arts, which is like being a patron, which is SO COOL. This guy thought so. He supported Shakespeare. And looks positively radiant as a result, don't you think?

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