Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Scribblings: Shine

We just got back from a long weekend on Ilha Grande, an island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Today, the sun barely shone, as thick rain clouds rolled in over the mountains and we were deluged to the point where I considered wrapping our clothing in plastic bags so we'd have something dry to wear on the bus ride home.

But all the other days of this gloriously long weekend there was abundant sunshine. Glittering off the wings of the hummingbirds, the green iridescent ones and the quirky tuxedoed ones who fought over the prime spots at the feeder...glaring off the thick banana fronds and casting jungle shadows over the outdoor tables where we sat for breakfast and snapped photo after photo of the tiny monkeys, the porcupine, the gorgeous dark blue butterflies who sank their probiscuses (probisci? My butterfly anatomy eludes me!) into rotting bananas and mangoes, utterly unaware of the incongruency of the scene.

The light like mirrors on the water, illuminating the fish below in the clear pools, so deep you could jump off the boulders and dive...

Shining, shining, shining.

It's late now, and I must drag my husband off to bed, as the alarm will ring early today. But tomorrow, when the sun again rises to shine into our windows, I'll provide photos and a full travel report (and B&B review) for interested parties.

Happy Easter!


Amanda said...

Happy Easter Jenna.

Nothing like a sun-shining day to bring out the good (or bad) poet in all of us.

jaerose said...

'glittering off the wings of hummingbirds'..wonderful..Jae

anne said...

rainy rainy rainy here -- you'd think we had monsoons... glad your wkend was so lovely! look forward to the photos etc! :)

Kim Nelson said...

I am envious, although I live in my own bit of paradise in the Sonoran Desert.
here is my shine bit:

Meryl said...

Looking forward to the photos!