Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Snippets

Made vanilla extract today with Smirnoff and a vanilla bean I've been keeping in the fridge. Note to self: pouring without a funnel is a good way to waste good alcohol. But the counters are now disinfected!

Listened to NPR shows and Garrison Keillor while working out today. Laughing out loud is NOT recommended while bench pressing. Also, Brazilian gyms are unnecessarily cramped for space. And overstaffed!

We're still looking for apartments but got a few set up to visit this week. Realtors really only want to show you one place, and if it doesn't work, they forget about you. Which would normally be a great thing, but I'd really like quantity here...

Rain in Rio is a funny thing. Cariocas seem to hate it. It makes them "depressed." I love it, though, as it gives the illusion of seasons! However, don't try to actually GO anywhere in the rain, or make plans, as they will be cancelled, traffic will be absurd and in the case of my husband today, 8 of 9 taxi drivers will flat out refuse to carry you because they don't want to face traffic... *grin* Only in Rio!

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